Only through freedom and environmental experience is it practically possible for human development to occur.
– Maria Montessori


I worked and studied in Africa, the US, the Netherlands, the UK, China and throughout Europe, where I learned one crucial thing: Human Quality Counts. You can buy technology, expertise, processes, and many more. What You can’t buy is the human quality on an individual and organizational level, You can’t buy the culture (an organization’s ethos); you have to earn it.  More properly, you have to develop it over many Years. From a development perspective the human quality is the most complex challenge of all.

As a leader, each Morning we can see the most significant obstacle to any change in the mirror. Ultimately change depends on us ­- If We don’t change, nothing else will. This realization has been a crucial motivating force throughout my career for the last two decades.

Which leaders inspire us?  The ones who fly in for a couple years, and while on the surface show great results, it later turns out these were largely inflated and the company is left to deal with a mess? Or those who through political adeptness are able to consolidate their position without any real achievements? No. The leaders who inspire me are the ones who cast vision and create an environment where people can innovate and take risks in order to deliver the best short- and long-term results. These are the kind of leaders people desire to follow.



For the last two decades I coach Leaders from various industries and countries who want to develop themselves, their team or their company culture.

Currently I’m the CEO of GROW Group specializing in Strategic Organization and Leadership Development.

Parallel to my consulting business I always run some other projects from other areas of life like a Theatre, a Music band for 13 years, a radio program.

There is also a special field of my expertise, being a Lutheran pastor spiritual leadership is a strong focus of my research.

There are two typical ways of Consulting. The one is where You TELL (based on the Analysis & Research / Experience and knowhow gathered in the consulting company) your client, your customer how to make best financial return. The other way of consulting might widen the screen of consulting by not just telling well founded claims, but better LISTEN first. Listen to the partner first, understand their very special reality, what are the typical characteristics of that certain organization / environment, and then You TEAM UP with Your client to find the one and only best solution for their case. This is like coach an organization. Sometimes with appreciative, sometimes with more confrontational tools we help our PARTNERs to GROW their opportunities. This second, combined approach is our way of consulting.



  • Purdue University – Krannert School of Management, USA – Global Executive MBA
  • Tias Nimbas Business School, Netherlands – International Master’s in Management
  • University Vienna – Psychology, Philosophy
  • International Business School – Organization Development and Supervision
  • Hungarian Psychodrama Association – MD, Psychodrama
  • Eotvos Lorand University – Philosophy
  • Lutheran Theological University – Pastoral Counseling

Fields of practice

  • Executive Coaching
  • Team and Organization Development
  • Leadership skill development
  • Change / Transformation management
  • Inspirational speaker


Leadership style and personality development

I know how to capitalize on a talented / newly appointed / high potential / best investment / burned out Leader’s personal strengths. My passion is to help these leaders to realize their full potential and I also have the necessary toolkit and team to make that happen.

Team Collaboration Development

An individual can achieve a lot. But nothing is more powerful than a well collaborating team. This of course needs the time and the effort that the team will have to invest in order to get the best result out its collaboration.

Change, Transformation management

I supported different transformation projects from different industries. After the roadmap is set properly, the critical factor will be Sponsorship and Leadership. The formal and the informal leadership quality will lead change to success or to make it fail.



“Face the facts of being what You are, for that is what changes what You are.” Soren Kierkegaard